Sunday, December 9, 2007

Penfolds Shiraz Coonawarra Bin 128, 1998

Penfolds Shiraz Coonawarra Bin 128, 1998

Back in 2001, this wine was scored Wine Spectator Magazine. We bought a few bottles at the time and tucked them away in our wine cellar. Back in 2001 we enjoyed one of the bottles and found it to be a luscious, fruit forward Shiraz with big backbone. Last night we open another bottle of this wine and we were floored by the delicious, well rounded flavors of this vintage. The wine still has a deep dark purple color. On the nose it is sweet blueberries, cherries and spice. Rich flavors of dark berry and cherry are offset with black pepper, fine tannins and acidity. This outstanding Shiraz gains momentum on the long finish. It is no longer a fruit bomb, but still very "New-World". It is very impressive for its intensity and elegance. Outstanding


Anonymous said...

What does BIN 128 mean??????

J. Alan Hirsch said...

Bin Number
The Australian equivalent of Cask Number, an unregulated phrase that can be applied to any wine (in any price range). Some wineries use a bin number to indicate their reserve, or more expensive bottlings. Other wineries use it to indicate a house style of wine, fairly consistent from year to year.

Bin number (Australia)
A bin is a storage area in a wine cellar. With each successive harvest, wines were allocated the same bin year after year. With time the bin number became associated with the wine - the Shiraz was stored in bin 50, the Chardonnay in bin 65, for example. It is unsurprising that the bin numbers have now become brand names depicting a style of wine, and have nothing to do with the origin of the grapes or where the wine has been stored!