Monday, September 8, 2008

Figs with Parmesan and Honey

Food and Wine Pairing

During the summer months I often cook things that reflect the bounty of the season. A great appetizer that goes well with a rich red wine or a crisp white sipper is fresh black figs. Here is a simple recipe that we will enjoy a few times each summer.

Figs with Parmesan and Honey

Fresh Figs (any variety)
Parmesan Cheese
Honey (I use Mesquite Honey from Trader Joe)

Remove stem from Figs, cut in half and place in oven-proof pan with the skin side down. Place a small wedge of Parmesan Cheese in the center of each fig. Place under broiler for about 3-5 minutes until cheese is bubbly and golden. Drizzle honey over figs and serve while still warm. Enjoy with a lovely red, white, or rose' wine.

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