Monday, April 6, 2009

Stuffed Sizzling Peppers

Stuffed Sizzling Peppers

When we were down in Scottsdale, a few weeks ago, we had a lovely dinner at the Sierra Bonita Grill. We started with an appetizer of Cheese Stuffed Sizzling Jalapeños. To our surprise, they arrived on our table in a specially made cast iron pan with 8 beautifully sizzling peppers. The appetizer was totally delicious and the owner was nice enough to give us the name of the company that sells these special pans. I promptly ordered two from the Sizzling Pepper Griddle Company, and got to try them out tonight. I made two "pan-fulls" tonight with one pan a blend of Mexican cheese and the other with ground lamb, chopped onion and the same cheese blend. The concept is simple, but the results are totally delicious. We enjoyed these as a savory dinner with some chip and salsa and a cold Wheat Ale.

Here is the special cast iron pan ready for some stuffed jalapeños.

Start with fresh, large jalapeños that you cut in half and de-seed.The peppers are filled with the stuffing and cooked on the stove or grill.Here are the cheese stuffed peppers after cooking.Here are the lamb and cheese stuffed peppers ready to eat.

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Kenny Orr said...

Thanks Alan for the plug, We love the griddle as well. I've had hundreds for recipe sent back from customers. You wouldn't believe how creative some folks can be. They've stuffed peppers with, Brownies, BBQ goat , all kinds of seafood,and cheeses. The results is always the same, These little griddles make the jalapeno fun, with an unlimited choice of fillings