Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Georges Duboeuf Morgon, 2009

The "Morgon" is from the Jean Descombes estate in the Beaujolais Provence of France. It's made from the Gamay grape that is traditional to the Burgundy region and rarely found throughout the rest of the wine world. In the glass this wine has a deep garnet color and strong aromas of tart red berries, wet rock and raspberry leaf. This is a medium bodied wine with vibrant sour red cherry, red raspberry, strawberry and flint. There is zippy acidity and very light tannins that work together to keep this wine light and refreshing. Distinctive for it’s crisp red fruit, this is a nice “food wine” that could pair well with Beef Bourguignon or a simple grilled chicken sandwich. We purchased this red Burgundy from Pete’s Wine Shop, in Bellevue, for about $14.