Sunday, November 4, 2007

Pizzeria Bianco

Pizzeria Bianco
623 E Adams St.Phoenix, AZ 85004

Chris Bianco has created what is often regarded as the best pizza restaurant in the United States. A New York native born into an Italian/American family, he came to appreciate pure and quality food preparation, during a family vacation to Italy. He grew up knowing the NY Pizza business, but the trip to Northern Italy, while a teenager, opened his eyes and launched him on his life's quest. Pizzeria Bianco is located in Heritage Square in Central Phoenix.. This small historic building only seats about 40 people. There is a large wood burning oven that is manned by Chris, himself. The menu is simple and perfect. Start with an Antipasto Plate or Spiedini, have a salad with one of 6 or 7 pizza choices. The Antipasto plate was perfect with roasted eggplant, mushrooms, peppers along with delicious Sopressata and sharp cheese. We had a perfectly simple salad of fresh local escarole with Parmesan cheese and a light olive oil and vinegar dressing. Kate had a pizza with tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, basil and homemade sausage. I had one with fresh mozzarella, Parmigiano Reggiano, ricotta and arugula. The crust was perfectly light, flavorful, crisp with inner moisture and chewiness. All the ingredients were delicious and expertly prepared. The service and atmosphere were great and we look forward to returning in the future. This place is so insanely popular, that normal "wait- times" can easily be two hours or more. While waiting, you can sit outside with a drink from Bar Bianco, next door.

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Anonymous said...

I agree, Pizzeria Bianco has the best pizza. However the attitudes of the women who work there is another issue all together. There was one women (tall, long blond hair) She acted as if she owned the place, perhaps she does. She made several rude comments to our family. We had been waiting nearly 4 hours when my husband asked how much longer. Miss attitude then replyed "what do you expect this is not chuck e chesse". My husband then told her he did not know what to expect, he had never been there. I told her she was increadable rude. She then said another rude comment, and continued to mummble under her breath. After been treated like we were less then pesents we should have left however we stayed and eventually got in. She continoued with her nasty looks during our dinner. She never left the bar. She just keept sending the brunnette over to tell us every 5 min we where doing something wrong. Yelling at our son and so on. When our party of 7pizzasarrived I was the only one not to get mine. Surprise, Surprise, since the Blonde was the one sending our orders. After the rude treatment I did not want any more issues with these women so I told my husband just to forget about it. When the sever finaly came to the table my aunt told them I never received my food. He said he'd cheeck the ticket. He came back and apolagized, said it would be ready in 5 min. I no sooner got my pizza when the rude brunnette keept coming to the table for us to leave. We told her several times I had just received my pizza, but would hurry as fast as I can. She said in a rude tone that she was not aware I had not received my food (well she was the one who took the order!!!! Oh and she never gave an apology. Well in the end the pizza was still awsome, it must have been because the totally unacceptable behavior of these women didnot destroy the exsperiance of the food. I would love to go back however I cant imagain putting myself though the abuse of these women again.

with regreat never again