Sunday, May 4, 2008

La Medusa

La Medusa
4857 Rainier Avenue S
Seattle, WA 98118

One of Seattle's BEST Restaurants!

La Medusa Restaurant, in the Columbia City neighborhood, continues to impress us every time we dine there. The kitchen is run by Chef Earl Hook and the front of the house by the charming Julie Andres. The menu is Sicilian inspired food, expertly prepared, and served in a relaxing casual atmosphere. Hardly a weekend arrives without us thinking about a meal at this special restaurant. Last night we made the journey from our Bellevue home to see what culinary delights would come our way. The dining room is small and casual with the positive buzz of happy diners. Delicious aromas, from the open kitchen, flow throughout the room and excite our gastronomic senses. Our server, Christine, was extremely courteous and attentive as she described the evening dinner specials and answered all our questions about the menu preparations. We started with a Sweetbreads and Asparagus Salad, which we split, while our wine (Caterina Zardini, Valpolicella, 2005) was still "opening" in the glass. This was a beautiful dish of Crispy Fried Sweetbreads served with Grilled Asparagus, a fresh soft fried Duck Egg, shaved Parmesan and a luscious creamy sauce. The flavor combinations were perfect and the high quality of the preparation and ingredients was exciting. For our main courses, Kate ordered the Crespelle (Italian Crepes) and I went with the double-cut Pork Chop. Kate's Crespelle where delicate crepes stuffed with a delicious ricotta cheese filling served with a creamy lemon sauce with fresh peas, fava beans and toasted baby artichoke hearts. The filled crepes were sautéed until golden brown and we both thought this dish was truly delicious. My Pork Chop was a large loin chop stuffed with a puree of dried figs, anchovies and garlic. The chop was perfectly browned and the pork was juicy flavorful. It was all topped with some fresh wilted arugula and a sassy pan-sauce. I have to say that this was the best "pork chop" dish I have had in years. With a great combination of sweet, salty and savory elements and perfect execution from concept to plate, this dish really rocked! The portion was large and I gladly allowed Christine to pack my "left-over" to be enjoyed at another time. Although we were both totally "full", we still couldn't resist trying the Lemon Cheesecake with Chocolate Hazelnut Crust. As we sipped our wine and finished off every last morsel of this ultra-smooth and scrumptious cheesecake, we discussed what was on the agenda for next week! It is much easier travelling to Columbia City verses to Sicily. With great food, service and a warm, friendly atmosphere, this is one of Seattle's bests.

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